Learning a new language is a brilliant way of bringing up a family>>>

What would you say to other parents thinking of sending their child through Irish-Medium Education?

I think that learning a new language is a brilliant way of bringing up a family. I speak two languages myself and I’ve found that it’s helped me to pick up other languages very quickly, to appreciate different cultures and surroundings. That was one of the reasons why I sent my children to Naíscoil. I definitely wanted them to pick up the idea that English is not the only way of communicating.


Did you have any concersn about choosing Irish-Medium Education?

I didn’t really have any concerns because I knew that at this stage it would be a combination of English and Irish and that there would be a lot of learning through play so I was more than happy to send them to Naíscoil.


What would you say is the best thing about Naíscoil Ghreanacháin?

Naíscoil Ghreanacháin is an amazing setting, it’s a very intimate setting, the numbers are small and the teachers are excellent. My kids love going every day. I’ve got one kid whos done two years and another whos in pre-preschool who wants to come in every day so that’s what you want.


Even if parents don’t have Irish, would you tell them to go for it anyway?

Yes definitely, I don’t speak any Irish whatsoever and even I’ve been picking up some from them so it’s actually been really good for me as well. We’ve had no issues what so ever with either of them learning Irish so I would say definitely go for it!


Tracy Ó Kane