Given the children more knowledge of the culture and the language>>>

What would you say to other parents thinking of sending their child through Irish-Medium Education?

We found it very good. It’s given the children more knowledge of the culture and the language. It’s been breat for getting to know people in the community, it’s been excellent. 

It’s helped to bring our own Iirish on a wee bit and it’s helped bring you back to it.


Did you have any concerns about choosing Irish-Medium Education?

Our immediate concern was whether it would have an impact on their English but it hasn’t at all. If anything it seemed to help bring it on. In that early stage they are looking at things in both languages  so it definitely helped


What would you say is the best thing about Naíscoil Ghreanacháin?

It’s keeping our kids in the community, rather than having to go elsewhere for playschool so it’s great.


Dermot Quinn agus a bhean