Irish Language Policy

Naíscoil Ghreanacháin
Polasaí Teanga
Irish Language Policy

A fundamental aim of Naíscoil Ghreanacháín is to promote the Irish language in the Swatragh
area and wider community and to provide high quality early years and parental support services
through the medium of Irish. Therefore an Irish language policy is required to support and
develop these aims.
The following Language Policy has three main aims:

  1. To promote the use of Irish in all aspects of the work of Naíscoil Ghreanacháin
    o in the general community
    o with parents and users of the Naíscoil
    o with the children
    In emphasising the need for continual use of Irish we act as an example and encouragement to
    the wider community.
  2. In order to do this we need to maintain Irish as the primary and universal language of
    communication within the Naíscoil. This policy sets guidelines and direction for staff to
    ensure that Irish maintains its use and position within the Naíscoil.
  3. With this in mind, it is appropriate to reinforce the necessity for staff of using Irish, that
    the overall aim of the policy is incorporated into terms and conditions of staff working at
    the Naíscoil.
    If Irish is to be the working language of the Naíscoil then every member of staff must commit to
    the development of their own language skills. The Irish language community is a learning
    community and we are all learning from day to day. Staff are encouraged to adopt a positive
    attitude to this and to seek out and develop the knowledge they need to become fluent and
    confident speakers of the language.
    Doras feasa fiafraí
    While on the premises of Naíscoil Ghreanacháín or acting on behalf of Naíscoil Ghreanacháin
    off the premises, all staff members (full-time, part-time or volunteers) should:
    o Promote the use of Irish
    o Consider Irish to be the predominant language of communication of Naíscoil
    o Seek assistance whenever necessary to ensure Irish remains the predominant language
    of Naíscoil Ghreanacháin
    o Use Irish on a daily basis, whenever feasible to communicate with other members of
    staff with regard to all matters
    o Communicate with all children attending the Naíscoil through the medium of Irish
    o Communicate with all children attending Irish medium schools where identifiable
    o Encourage parents and visitors to use Irish whenever appropriate and applicable
    o Encourage the use of Irish with volunteers carrying out work on behalf of the Naíscoil.
    Staff members should when appropriate:
    o Attend Irish language classes or other such events organised on their behalf for the
    improvement of language standards
    o Agree to seek to fulfill agreed language targets with appropriate supervisor
    o Strive to improve their Irish on an on-going basis
    o Avoid any use of English unless it is necessary in an emergency situation or it is an
    absolute necessity
    o Use Irish in any written communications concerning Naíscoil Ghreanacháin while
    ensuring that all efforts are made to maintain the highest standards.
    NB Staff should only use acceptable language and in particular avoid vulgarities in any
    form and ensure that the appropriate language is used, without cursing in Irish or
    English, when working and when speaking to the public and other staff during work or
    on lunch breaks etc
    The use of foul language is unacceptable and deemed gross misconduct in Naíscoil
    Ghreanacháin’s Terms and Conditions.
    Naíscoil Ghreanacháin will:
    o Encourage and support staff members in their use of the Irish language
    o Encourage volunteers of the Naíscoil to support and use the Irish language
    o Whenever possible make available suitable Irish language classes
    o Make available suitable facilities and materials whenever reasonable to assist staff
    members in their attempts to improve language standards
    o Encourage staff, whether full-time or part-time to take appropriate examinations
    pertaining to the Irish language
    o Make all efforts to give financial support to staff members whenever paying for Irish
    language examinations which have been supported by the Naíscoil in the first place
    o Make monies available for staff to ensure appropriate training in the language (when
    o Promote the use of Irish in any publications originating from the Naíscoil including public
    notices in-house
    o Encourage Naíscoil users and visitors to communicate through the medium of Irish
    whenever dealing with staff
    This policy was adopted by Naíscoil Ghreanacháin’scommittee at a meeting on:
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