Admissions Policy

Naíscoil Ghreanacháin

Polasaí Iontrála/Admissions Policy

▪ Naiscoil Ghreanacháin will support the local community by providing access to
our setting to all regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability,
culture, ethnic origin or political affiliation. Naíscoil places will be provided for
children whose parents are choosing Irish medium education and are willing to
support their child in the decisions they have made
▪ That the admissions criteria will be open, transparent and equally applied.
▪ That Naíscoil Ghreanacháin will ensure that the setting is genuinely accessible
to children and families from all sections of the local community.

This will be achieved by:
▪ Ensuring the existence of the Naíscoil is widely known in all communities
through publicity and advertising.
▪ Making our Equal Opportunities Policy widely known.
▪ Describing Naíscoil Ghreanacháin in terms which make it clear that it
welcomes all sections of the community irrespective of gender, culture,
ethnicity, religion and with or without special needs or disabilities.
▪ Admitting children according to the published criteria.
▪ An admissions meeting with parents in which the ethos of Naíscoil
Ghreanacháin is discussed.
▪ Requiring parents to complete a registration form and to submit a copy of
their child’s birth certificate.
▪ Monitoring admissions to our services to ensure that no accidental
discrimination is taking place.

Naíscoil Ghreanacháin
Admissions Criteria

Eolas Ginearálta

Naíscoil Ghreanacháin is an Irish medium setting which offers a range of Early Years
services. It aims to provide for children:
▪ A high standard of physical and emotional care
▪ A wide range of active play-based learning experiences
▪ An effective second language acquisition programme
The Naíscoil is open to all children regardless of sex, class, religion or political
aspirations, whose parents are choosing Irish medium education for their child, and who
are willing to support their child in the decision they have made.
Admission to Naíscoil Ghreanacháin (preschool)
Admissions Criteria under the Preschool Education Expansion Programme PEEP
The under noted admissions criterion will be applied in allocating places funded under
the Pre-school Education Expansion Programme.
All children must be in their final pre-school year
1 Children whose parents are in receipt of Income Support or on Income-based
2 Other children in their immediate pre-school year.
Should there be more applications than places available, the following admissions
sub-criteria in the order indicated will apply:
▪ Children who have a brother or sister attending Naíscoil Ghreanacháin.
▪ Children whose parents speak Irish at home or children whom the Committee
deem to have completed an acceptable preschool language preparation
programme at an Irish medium setting other than Naíscoil Ghreanacháin.
▪ The geographical location of the child’s home relative to the Naíscoil.

This policy was adopted by the committee of at a meeting on: